Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The 'new' look Phillies now 2-0

 Nate Schierholtz will be very welcome at home in Philly with the HR and the good catch tonight in DC

Would the Phillies have gone 2-0 with Shane and Hunter in the lineup? Probably, but as with most things, change is inevitable and those changes have now become old news for the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phils beat the Nationals for the second night in a row in Washington, before only 23,377 watching baseball, and I suspect not a lot of them were Phillies fans. I guess the 'Take Back The Stadium' plan is really working for the Nationals front office. If you remember, the Nats tried to launch this promotion by giving people who live in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, first chance at purchasing tickets for the games involving the Phillies games in DC.

Whatever the case, the Phillies are again on a winning streak, and these are the games that they need to win. The Phillies are now 15.5 games back from the Nationals, and even though that sounds bleak, with a few more wins strung together, they could start to narrow that gap. Right now, the Phillies are 12.5 games back from the Wild Card, but it's way to early to start thinking about that.

Jimmy Rollins has been on fire in this series, he's had 3 HR's already, and Nate Schierholtz (who came over from San Francisco) added his first HR as a Phillie, overall his 6th of the season.

Shane Victorino's debut with LA on Wednesday afternoon in LA, wasn't too exciting. He went 0-4 for the Dodgers, who also lost the game against the Diamondbacks 4-0.

Hunter Pence was playing for the Giants, but they start at the time this post is being written, Pence started the game in right for the Giants.

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