Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 90's uniforms were back last night

From @phillies on twitter

Tommy Greene was on the mound again for the Phillies ushering in 1990's Retro night at the ballpark last night. Yes, we know the Phillies lost again by a score of 3-2 last night, but we're going to be positive in this post and enjoy what is a really fun time for the fans and players alike when the team wears a jersey from years ago.

The fans really love the jersey that were worn last night, many fans really like that color combination and it brings back memories of Veterans Stadium back when they see it.

Even the scoreboard had graphics from an earlier time in the 1990's, this one had Chase Utley superimposed onto a 90210 photo on the scoreboard last night:

Jimmy Rollins - aka 'The Fresh Prince' last night at 90's Retro Night at CBP

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