Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rating the Phils Prospects for 2012

Trevor May ranks high on a lot of people's list to do well in the future

A lot of the fun of baseball is trying to find the next great player in the MLB. Specifically if you're a Phillies fan, you want to find the next great Phillies player before he makes the team. The top 25 prospects were ranked today in the Reading Eagle newspaper, and this is what the lineup looks like.

1. Jesse Biddle, LHP Clearwater, 20

2. Tommy Joseph, C Reading, 21

3. Jonathan Pettibone, RHP Lehigh Valley, 21

4. Cesar Hernandez, 2B Lehigh Valley, 22

5. Sebastian Valle, C Lehigh Valley, 22

6. Trevor May, RHP Reading, 22

7. Adam Morgan, LHP Reading, 22

8. Lisalverto Bonilla, RHP Reading, 22

9. Ethan Martin, RHP Reading, 23

10. Maikel Franco, 3B Lakewood, 20

11. Cody Asche, 3B Reading22

12. Justin DeFratus, RHP Lehigh Valley, 24

13. Roman Quinn, SS Williamsport, 19

14. Darin Ruf, 1B/OF Reading, 26

15. Tyler Cloyd, RHP Lehigh Valley, 25

16. Brody Colvin, RHP Reading, 22

17. Austin Wright, LHP Clearwater, 22

18. Philippe Aumount, RHP Philadelphia, 23

19. Tyson Gillies, OF Reading, 23

20. Jiwan James, OF Reading, 23

21. Larry Greene, OF Williamsport, 19

22. Carlos Tocci, OF Gulf Coast League, 17

23. Leandro Castro, OF Reading, 23

24. Kelly Dugan, OF Lakewood, 21

25. Julio Rodriguez, RHP Reading, 21

My rankings of the Phillies prospects were more based on certain players and how they were performing this year, as I don't really get that much time to see many of the minor league games. Here's how my ballot looked as I submitted my Top 15 to Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle for the 2012 survey.

1. Trevor May
 2. Jesse Biddle
 3. Darin Ruf
 4. Sebastian Valle
 5. Brody Colvin
 6. Justin De Fratus
 7. Jiwan James
 8. Cody Overbeck
 9. Tug Hulett
10. Phillipe Aumont
11. Cesar Hernandez
12. Julio Rodriguez
13. Tyler Cloyd
14. Jonathan Pettibone
15. Lisalverto Bonilla

We'll see some of those names as we have Phillipe Aumont the other night in Philadelphia, and see what happens with these players as they progress and mature within the Phillies system. 

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