Friday, August 24, 2012

Phils welcome in first place Nationals tonight

John Mayberry Jr and Manuel talk about last night's Phillies win in 11 innings, 4-3

The Phillies used to be the powerhouse in the NL East and the National League. Last season, they won 102 games which is the most games the Phillies ever won in a season. This year of course that has changed. Tonight, the Phillies welcome in the first place Washington Nationals.

The Nationals have been energized by a group of dynamic players, most of them younger. The Nats have a nice mix of veterans and new superstars on this team. The Phillies meanwhile have a lot of players that have been with the team for years, and are making a ton of money to play this game.

A few years ago (prior to 2007), for the Phillies to have a player that was making over $10 million per year was a rarity. Now many of the Phillies position players have bloated the payroll to record levels and when you can't prove the results of a championship, you start to wonder why the team is so clogged with superstar salaries and aren't producing superstar results.

One thing the Phillies still have going for them is the fans. In all of the National League, the Phillies fans still have gone to the ballpark more than any other team. This despite the Phillies turning in a dismal season that is something that can only be described as a complete failure to compete properly.

Let's see how this series goes for the Phils, as there is about 5 weeks left to the season, and the Phillies do not look to be in a rush to try to make a playoff run. The season isn't over yet, but does this team have the fortitude to do better?

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