Monday, August 06, 2012

Phils out of basement in NL East, Braves in for 3

Rollins has been the Phillies 'Iron Man' so far this year playing in 105 games so far

The Phillies burst onto the 2012 season with high hopes and great expectations. In August now we've seen that the expectations haven't yet been accomplished, as the Phillies have never led the NL East all season for even a day. (After the first game, which the Phillies won, there was a tie for first with several teams)

On the second day of the season, the Phillies were in 3rd place and really never were able to eclipse that even, the most time for them this season has been spent on the bottom of the division in an unlikely last place position.

With the win yesterday, the Phillies are now back out of last place, prior to now they haven't been in 4th place in the NL East since June 27th. They also been in 4th place a few other times this year, but never rose above that mark.

It's a good thing that the MLB decided to add another Wild Card to the playoffs this year, as this is probably the only way in which the Phillies would make the playoffs. As of this morning, they are still 12.5 GB out of the Wild Card spot. It is still attainable for them though if they can just put some solid winning streaks in place.

The Braves are in town for 3 games, and the Phillies need to settle a score with team. The Braves have embarrassed the Phillies so far, and if the Phils have an ounce of pride, they should use it wisely and show the Braves that they aren't as bad as they've played recently by winning against them.

Note to keep in memory: Brian McCann has destroyed the Phillies this year by himself. Charlie Manuel doesn't respect any hitter that hits the Phillies, he downplays it every time and batters like McCann, have taken advantage of that. It's a fact that he's hit at will against us and it's points like this that tells me that Manuel isn't very saavy when it comes to managing a baseball club. He wants no part in helping keep a hot hitter against his team.

McCann has 16 RBI's against the Phillies by himself this year:

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