Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phillies start to produce some runs finally

The Phillies exploded with 12 runs last night, and were victorious over the Reds in game 1 of their four game series with them. The game before, the Phillies unleashed for 8 runs in a lopsided victory with Kyle Kendrick on the mound against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The run production is great to see and it's something that the Phillies haven't been able to do this season all that well. Last night, the Phillies scored 10 runs or more during a game for the fourth time this season. The last time the Phils scored at least 10 runs in a game was way back on May 30th against the NY Mets in New York.

Last night, it was the Phillies 122nd game of the 162 game season, so the math is very simple with the Phillies having only 40 games left to play in the 2012 year. It's already that late in the season, but the Phils are only facing the Reds for the first time all season. You can thank interleague play for that.

At the All Star Break, the Phillies were 37-50 and 14 GB in the NL East, in last place. Since the All Star Break, the Phillies have played a little better, they've gone 20-15 in the 35 games since the break. Today the Phillies are still 19.0 GB from the Washington Nationals and have again cut the Wild Card to only 10 GB with the 40 games left to play.

Is a playoff run still possible? It would be one of the greatest stories in Phillies history if they can come back and somehow make it into the playoffs, and it is possible. A lot of things would have to start going well for this team. It would almost have to be like in a hockey game where a team really picks it up in the 3rd period and goes all out until the end of the game. That is what the Phillies would have to do to make it and get themselves into the playoffs in '12.

The Phillies have scored only 1 run in 19 games this year so far, they'd have to avoid doing things like that if they expect to make a serious run for the playoffs. In the games where the team has only scored 1 run, their record is 2-17. Even a game where the Phillies have scored 2 runs is something that they want to avoid, they have scored 2 runs in 17 games, and they are 1-16 when they do that.

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