Saturday, August 25, 2012

Phillies occupy 3rd place is Wild Card possible?

The Phillies have finally moved up the ladder in the NL East, it wasn't easy but they now occupy the 3rd position spot in the NL East with some recent Phillies wins and the Mets seemingly falling apart at the seams lately.

Is a Wild Card spot possible for this team? Yes, of course, they still have time, but the other teams that stand in front of them don't plan on going down the ladder of success and that may be the bigger problem. Several things would have to happen to help the Phillies along with a quest of making the Wild Card, which there are 2 positions available this year.

A look at the teams above the Phillies are what may prevent the Phils from getting into the playoffs this year. Leading the Wild Card positions as of Friday night, August 24th, are the Atlanta Braves, and the  St. Louis Cardinals. Close on the heels of the Cards are the resurgent Pirates, and then the LA Dodgers. Those 4 teams are battling for the spots as of now.

The Dbacks and then the Phillies round out the top 6 teams that are chasing the coveted two Wild Card positions. The Phillies seem to pull up to the 10 GB mark as they have a few times, but then can't string a long winning streak together to pull even closer.

The Phils also face another interesting number and that is the Wild Card elimination number. As of Friday night, the elimination number is 28. A lot can happen in a month, the Phils can keep winning but as long as teams above them remain winning also, then the Phils season will end at the end of the regular season.

For the Phils, they'll just have to take one day at a time, and try to keep winning. On August 24th 2007, the Phillies had recorded 66 wins and 61 losses, then they made their historic run that caught the Mets on the final day of the regular season to win the NL East Division in dramatic style. Of course their record before tonight's game 1 against the Nationals was 58-67. Now with the win tonight, the Phils are 59-67.

News and Notes:  Randy Wolf was released on his birthday from the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night. He was a Phillies pitcher for 8 years posting a 69-60 record from 1999 to 2006. Wishing Randy well where ever he ends up next. Bernie the Brewer wished Randy a "Happy Birthday" in a tweet to him, and in the next hour, the Brewers announced that Wolf had been released.

Advance news about 2013: The Phillies will open their home schedule next year against an American League team, the Kansas City Royals. This just doesn't sound appealing at all. It's part of Bud Selig's vision of mixing the baseball league together for the whole season. I say 'Boo' to this, let us have our National League rivals please.

The Phillies will make a Mid-West swing through American League cities in '13 according to the Phillies Zone on, Cleveland, Detroit, and Minnesota. Read more about that here.

Coming in September on - Pete Rose : a special series on Pete Rose becoming a Phillie in 1979. You'll want to read this special series on how Pete Rose became a Phillies player and helped them go onto World Series victory in 1980.

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