Saturday, August 04, 2012

Phillies bring 21-30 home record to CBP tonight

The Phillies haven't risen to anyone's expectations for them to do well

The Phillies season hasn't gone as planned by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, it's been downright hard to watch as the Phillies who were on the top of the baseball world in the past couple years have seen it's rise to Camelot dissolve into the Schuylkill River with a disaster in 2012.

Just how did the Phillies get in last place and basically own it for the best part of the season now? Their home record is horrible, at 21-30. They play the Diamondbacks again tonight at the stadium.

The fans were excited when Chase Utley and Ryan Howard came back to the team and things were going to be great. Perhaps someone should tell Chase and Ryan that we kind of need more from them. Chase is doing much better than Howard though.

The Phillies aren't showing any improvement, and that is troubling, as they should have been stabilized by now. What is the reason for the slide?

The fans showed some of the frustration with boos at the ballpark for they effort that the Phillies have been showing. There will be much more of that, and then the fans will eventually start drifting away, no more sell outs and the Phillies magical past few years are just memory.

2013? Something good better happen now or sooner than now. I've never heard a GM and or players throw in the towel so quickly and effortlessly as was done in the past week.

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