Saturday, August 18, 2012

Phillies again in salvage mode in Milwaukee

Wheels and Tom McCarthy recap the win tonight by the Phils

Everytime something starts to go right for this team, there is 3 other things that go wrong for them. The Phillies seemed to narrow down a possible wild card run with being within 10 GB of that goal.  A couple of losses to Milwaukee and now the Phillies are a full 12.0 GB at the start of tonight's game and an embarrassing 20 GB in the NL East.

If someone were to tell me the Phillies would be 20 GB out of first place in the month of August at the beginning of the season, I would have though they were nuts. Well, that is what this team is as we start to head into the final 6 weeks of this season.

The Phils won tonight in Milwaukee, they will try to salvage this series on Sunday and put Kyle Kendrick on the mound to do so. The offense looked a little better tonight, but I am not so sure that this team isn't starting to get 'comfortable' with losing. There needs to be a lot more fire under them, and I don't really see that passion most of the time from a lot of the players on the Phillies team.

Hamels continues to win, the Phillies relied on Papelbon to close out this game with 4 outs, which he should be able to do. He got the job done tonight.

Is Ryan starting to heat up finally? Howard has been injured since Spring Training but he's been back for a while now too. His batting average is .231 but he's hit 7 HR and 21 RBI, and that is what his pay is being based on; the ability to deliver these large numbers in the HR and RBI category.

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