Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lee bitten again by no offense, Pap gets 5th loss

Cliff Lee for the Phillies at the 2011 ALS Phestival

It's a story that has been played out many times before. Usually when a pitcher gets 9 strikeouts and only lets up 2 Earned Runs in a game it's usually enough to get a victory. Not in Cliff Lee's world though, as again the Phillies could only muster 1 run scored for him on the night last night.

It's now 9 games out of 23 starts for Lee that the Phillies have scored 0-2 runs for him. This used to happen to Cole Hamels in seasons past all of the time. Now Lee has taken his place with the lack of support and that led to the 13th game in which Lee has a ND, at least he didn't suffer the loss last night as the Phillies went on to lose the game 5-4.

The Phillies did rally but the end result was too little and too late as the bullpen again gave up the runs that led to the loss for the Phillies. Jonathan Papelbon, our $50M closer, got his 5th loss of the season last night. That's pretty significant in itself. Here what Charlie Manuel and Pap had to say about it after the game from CSNPhilly.

This Phillies team just floats above mediocrity, there's no consistency in winning games for them, just one season after the 2011 team recorded the most wins ever by a Phillies team. There is still time for them to regain some of that swagger that we know they are capable of, but the time is ticking against them now with only 5+ weeks in which they have to do something.

The series continues tonight between the Phillies and the Reds. Worley and Arroyo at 7:05 PM tonight. 

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