Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dodgers will take Phillies excess

Cliff Lee' wife asked Ruben Amaro not to upset their family again by trading Cliff after he wanted to pitch in Philadelphia and came here, Ruben tried it again!

When it was announced that Cliff Lee was on waivers, it wasn't a good time for most Phillies fans. The guy who was signed here and did so marvelously in the World Series in 2009 for us, and then sent away right after that, was a kick in the head for both fans and Lee alike.

Ruben Amaro made up for that and signed Lee to a multi-year deal again to be with Phillies for a long time, then the news of a couple days ago came out of no where with no good reason for it. Ruben Amaro is displaying a wild side to him, now that the Phillies have done so poorly this season.

The LA Dodgers scooped up Shane Victorino for a least the last couple months of this season. They were about to scoop up Cliff Lee from us and if that happened, a lot of Phillies fans would have revolted. They should even be mad now that the Dodgers took Joe Blanton from us instead of Cliff Lee, again probably for next to nothing. Lee went 17-8 for the Phillies last year, I hardly think that's the type of player you would want to get rid of.

 This isn't how the Phillies should be running their team. They are becoming a sinking ship that has Amaro making players walk off a plank, again for what reason? This team was assembled by Amaro, and now that things didn't work out, he's trying to make the players pay the price. Cliff Lee hasn't had the best support at all this season by the Phillies offense.

What does Ruben Amaro think he's playing with, monopoly money? He signed Lee, who was a free agent for 5 years and $120M - now seemingly wants to dump his prized signing for no good reason. Lee wanted to pitch for Philadelphia, if I remember correctly, he came here and took less money and now is being treated poorly.

 Lee has started 18 games so far this year. In those 18 starts, the Phillies offense has scored 0-2 runs in 7 of those starts, Lee has ended up 0-5 because of those starts. That is the reason that Lee isn't doing too well this year in case Ruben hasn't noticed. In 6 other starts, the Phillies have scored 3-5 runs, but the Phillies bullpen exploded several times, and Lee has gone 0-1 in those starts. The 2 wins that Lee has are with the Phillies scoring 6+ runs in the game.

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