Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cloyd gets debut, Phillies drop two in a row

Tyler Cloyd probably didn't expect to get his MLB debut in August, but that's exactly what happened last night as Cole Hamels had a stomach virus and the call was answered by Cloyd to start for the Phillies in the second game of the three game series with the Mets.

It was one of those games again for the Phillies offense. They struggled to find the offense against the Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey. The Phillies just couldn't get anything going as they looked listless and without any sense of urgency that this season is closing in on them and collapsing right in front of them.

The two losses to the Mets have allowed the Amazins to regain a tie for third place in the NL East, this season has been an embarrassment to the Phillies now. We've been at 'full strength' for some time now, and still this team is wallowing in mediocrity.

Teams that have nearly half of what the Phillies are paying these group of players are performing better than this team, and perhaps it will be a great time to make some big changes to this team in the off-season. The success of last year is gone and the previous 5 years is gone, and there doesn't seem to be too great of a chance that this group will find the magic ingredients that are needed for a winning ballclub even in 2013.

The Phillies phaithful fans have not deserted this team, some 42,000 plus were in attendance last night, and the Phils offense just couldn't respond, leading to the 37th home loss of the season, the home record stands at 31-37 now which is terrible for the Phils considering that Houston has 90 total losses but has won 27 at home. The Phillies are playing just above that number to their hometown support.


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