Saturday, August 04, 2012

2012 Phillies aren't showing the love or being shown it

Remember this story in Philly mag? A little love goes a long way, but no so much lately

The Phillies won, with Doc Halladay on the mound on Saturday night, that's the good news. It's encouraging to see Doc pitch like we know he can, but hasn't done that all that much this year.

The not so good news is all of the drama that has accompanied this team so far this year. The drama of putting Cliff Lee on waivers and then letting Joe Blanton go to the Dodgers for next to nothing was a little concerning for Phillies fans and the media alike. What does Cliff Lee on waivers do for any Phillies fan except make them nervous that the whole team is subject to collapse? Putting Lee out there was like the Phillies putting Ryan Howard out there on waivers, which they should.

Joe Blanton wasn't having a bad year, with that in mind I have to wonder what the reason was to deal him away.The question is why? I don't understand just shipping a decent pitcher like Joe Blanton to the Dodgers in return we got nothing. Isn't Joe Blanton a decent free agent after this season? The Phillies would have gotten draft picks if they offered big Joe a contract but he signed elsewhere?

Did Phils mangement just go in with the mindset that this season is toast, especially the talk from Ruben Amaro about 2013 already. The season isn't even over yet, is it?

The Phils square off with the Diamondbacks again on Sunday afternoon, with Cliff Lee on the mound for the Phillies. Of course Cliff will be on the mound unless Ruben pulls another one of those unnerving deals like he did with Blanton who was supposed to pitch for the Phillies until he learned that the Phillies have shipped him out with only 2 hours to go until game time.

Chooch update: Out 4 to 6 weeks... ouch that hurts. Read about it here at the Zo Zone.

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