Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where are they now? A look at some former Phils: Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt was one of the Four Aces, no not the singing group with the same name, of course the much heralded pitching staff that the Phillies assembled last year to win the most games ever in franchise history. Roy's stint with the Phillies lasted from around the trade deadline in 2010 until the end of last season when the Phillies lost out in the first round of the playoffs.

Oswalt stormed into the Phillies rotation in 2010, going 7-1 in 13 starts. The interesting thing about the 2010 season was that he was 6-12 for the Astros, who had a terrible season in '10, and then rallied back to an overall 13-13 year with the 7 wins that the won with the Phillies. The 2011 season was a much different story as injuries caught up to the guy who turned only 34 in August of 2011, Oswalt had personal issues too, such as a large tornado that occurred late in April '10  that had ravaged his hometown and place where his wife and kids live. See the photo below to see how badly the area where Roy is from was damaged.

The Phillies early exit from the playoffs didn't entirely way on the minds of Phillies management when it came time to see if they would offer Roy Oswalt back to the Phillies. The price he wanted, was prohibitive due to the nature and frequency of his injured back. Oswalt stayed on the sidelines for much of the 2012 season, until the Texas Rangers, who have been rumored to be calling about the availability of Cole Hamels, called for his services in a May 30th offering of a minor league deal at first, then more. If he was called up by July 1st, Roy would make in the $4 million range with a chance to make another million if he hit certain milestones certain online printed reports stated. The Rangers wasted no time in spending that money, they called Roy up on June 22, as Oswalt paved the way to a 4-1 Rangers victory over the Colorado Rockies.

Five days later on June 27th 2012, Oswalt started his second game with the Rangers and scored another win, this time the Rangers beat the Tigers, 13-9 and Oswalt recorded another win. It's seeming that the Rangers waited the appropriate time to sign Oswalt, where the Phillies just continued to flounder around the same time and plunge deeper and deeper into the NL East. What could Ruben Amaro Jr. have been thinking not to give a call to Oswalt as he's wasted millions on lesser named players over the years?

Oswalt now has a 2-1 record with the Rangers, with a start on Monday against the Oakland A's out in California. 

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