Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unofficial second half starts Friday night along with Hot Stove

The second half starts tonight (Friday)!

The season has already been half over now that there has been 87 games played in the 2012 season. Typically, though we call this the second half, now that the All-Star game has been played.

What will take the spotlight in the next two weeks will be the relentless news about the 'hot stove.' Who will be traded and where will they go? The past couple weeks leading up to the All Star game has seen a lot of comments thrown around about what the Phillies may or may not do.

Will the Phillies retain Cole Hamels till at least the end of the season? It's been rumored that he is going after a very long contract request of 7years and in the neighboorhood of $175M. Should the Phillies pay Cole this? My answer would be a very short, no. Hamels is having a good year this year, but it is no way indicative on how he will do for seven years on. Can the Phillies land a great player for Cole? That would be the way to go with him now, as the Phillies have a few capable aces already on the staff. That means trading Cole to a team like Pittsburgh if it makes sense for the Phillies, not bending over backwards to let Cole go where he wants to be traded.

That shouldn't be all that happens with the Phillies, there needs to be change in this coaching staff up to and including Charlie Manuel. Charlie has had a great run with the team, but it seems like there is almost no good reason to keep going down the same road with him. Nothing has worked this year, and Charlie hasn't been able to get the job done with the talent he has on this team.

No player on this team should feel comfortable about being involved in a deal. Anyone is subject to be moved and we'll have to see if Ruben Amaro Jr. makes the right moves this time.

For now, it's the Colorado Rockies Friday night. Maybe Cliff Lee can earn his second win with this team on the season tonight. Roy Halladay had a warm up tonight in Clearwater, which was covered locally at times by Comcast Sportsnet on television. That is Thursday night, my week is all screwed up by the All Star Break!

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