Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Say goodbye to Hollywood, say Goodbye my baby

Shane Victorino was a great Phillies player, and now he's in Hollywood. He was traded by a Phillies team that has decided to shave down the payroll and along with him, the Phillies right fielder, Hunter Pence was moved to the West Coast to San Francisco.

 The Phillies will still give out the Pence Bobble in Mid-August, or you can politely tell them to keep it, now that they've traded him away!

These two players weren't the cause of the demise of this Phillies team this year. So why were they moved?

Victorino played 8 good years with the Phillies. I wasn't always his biggest fan, but he could play. He tracked down a lot of fly balls that some fielders couldn't think about getting. I think you can count Victorino as one of those 'lifetime' type of players for the Phillies. He's played 987 games with the team, and he's been with them for the glory years and the not so good years. The Phillies were paying him $9.5M this year, and they didn't want to even see if they could possibly sign him to more years, as they have a lot of money tied up with a few players already on the Phillies. Vic may be out in LA now, but he's always going to be a Phillie, like Willie Montanez or Bake McBride. Shane is a World Series winner with the Phillies and that in itself keeps his legacy at the forefront of some Phillies fans minds forever.


Dodger blog, True Blue LA, reports that Victorino is not in LA yet, so he didn't make the starting lineup today. He will be soon enough, and I'm sure he'll help the Dodger blue.

Hunter Pence was probably the Phillies best offensive player this year, besides Carlos Ruiz who is just having the best year of his career so far. Pence didn't deserve to get traded. He was a gift to the San Francisco Giants who snapped him up for next to nothing in return. That is my biggest gripe of both of these deals, the Phillies got very little in return.

If we were trading to get better, we most assuredly did not. These two guys were responsible for a lot of offense this year, and probably will be for a few years to come.

If the Phillies management is banking on John Mayberry Jr. and Domonic Brown to do the same as these two players, I think we're in for even rougher times ahead.

It's safe to say that a fire sale has started for the Phillies, and it's probably not over. Ruben Amaro isn't making great deals though and he's giving All-Stars away now, and getting nothing in return for them? It's just not the way to be a GM in this day and age if you expect to contend.







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