Friday, July 13, 2012

Roger Waters and 'The Wall' take over CBP while Phillies roam west

It's another brick in 'The Wall' no, not the Hall of Fame wall out in center field at Citizens Bank Park, it's actually a huge concert with Roger Waters and 'The Wall' performance.

There will be a lot of Pink Floyd fans flocking to CBP on Saturday, July 14th, to hear the renditions of the famous Floyd songs during the evening.

There is some thunderstorms forecast for various times during the weekend this weekend, so the natural elements be an issue as far a soggy fields and the like. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate with the concert schedule.

Parking will be a hefty $25 per car at the ballpark lots, so you may want to carpool or take public transit to the show. Gates open at 7 PM

               Pic:  Mikeislegend7 /twitter

                     Watch the 60 minutes report on 'The Wall' by Roger Waters

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