Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phils drop 2 more to Giants, Manuel should be fired

The gate to the parking area is that way, sorry Charlie

The Giant series could have been a big turning point for the Phillies, but as we've seen the team drop the first two games of the series against the G-men, we again start to ponder if this team has anything left in it's fuel tank to make a run to even get out of the basement this year, let alone make it to the playoffs.

The trade talks will continue, but I think this team really needs a change in the dugout. It's been a great run with Charlie Manuel, but baseball has a way of signaling the end of different eras, and I believe the Manuel era has unfortunately run it's course here in Philly.

Things that need to be done slightly different, aren't getting done. The excuses, the manner in which each game is played by a certain book, that much has been made clear by Manuel, he doesn't do change too well.

The home winning percentage for the Phillies is the worst in baseball despite one of the highest attendances in the league by the Phillies fans. The loss on Saturday evening by the Phillies was the 29th loss at home by the team out of 46 games already played at CBP. Even the Seattle Mariners have only 17 wins at home but have  lost 27 games, make the Phillies look worse as they have accomplished the feat of worst home winning percentage.

The Phils have had tough times with players this year, but still have many multi-million dollar players on the roster that aren't playing all that well. It just goes to prove that chemistry makes up a team and despite having  one of the highest payrolls in baseball, this team is lacking something.

Let's rebuild the character of this team, not by just dealing players away, but with the ushering in of a new skipper to help guide this team and do what he can by approaching this team differently and giving someone else a chance at the helm. The baseball gods have apparently weighed in on this with the way this team has tanked and the writing is on the wall. Thanks for all the good years Charlie, but this team needs to go in a different direction now.

The only bright spot for the Phillies at the moment is that other teams in the NL East are faltering, but the Phillies can't capitalize on that when they don't win.

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  1. And who would you recommend replacing him with that would make any difference at all? Charlie is an easy scapegoat. Bottom line, the team has no consistency in the Pen, a black hole at 3B and underperforming aces (Lee and Halladay). Charlie isn't the problem.