Sunday, July 08, 2012

Phillies season is getting plain ugly

The Phillies season is getting uglier by the day

When you've got the top 3 hitters in your lineup that go 0-4, that's rarely a good sign. It wasn't a good sign for the Phillies last night as the Phils dropped the second of 3 games with the Braves, only 1 more game remains this afternoon until mercifully the All-Star break comes for this team.

There needs to be change in this team, that is for sure. Whether it's the manager, players or a combination of the two, there needs to be change because everything that was tried, preached or practiced isn't working.

The Phils now fall to an incredible 14 GB and entrenched into last place in the NL East, there is no rhyme or reason for it, and no real explanation except for poor offense and poor bullpen. Sprinkle in some poor starting pitching at times, and there you have it. As a comparison, the Pittsburgh Pirates have quietly worked their way up to first place in the NL Central, who could have seen that coming?

Even the really bad Phillies teams without the talent in the 1970's and 80's didn't play this bad, it's just something that can't easily be explained. The chemistry is just not there, the lack of wanting to win seems like it isn't there, I don't think it's too long before we start seeing a lot of empty seats at the ballpark.

Well for some brighter news, the All Star Game featured 'Home Run Derby' will be on Monday night at 8 PM, from Kansas City. Then the All Star Game 2012 will be played on Tuesday night, late additions to the NL team is Bryce Harper and Michael Bourn who replace Giancarlo Stanton and Ian Desmond. The youth are working their way into this year's game, with the AL's Mike Trout (from South Jersey) also participating in this game.

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