Monday, July 02, 2012

Phillies management is it's own damage control?

  Phils fans are not ready for the bags yet, but we're getting close to it!

The Phillies management seemed to have moved from a team mantra expecting great things from Chase Utley and Ryan Howard when they finally returned, now to a defeated bunch that have virtually given up hope themselves on the team.

The words from Ruben Amaro and Charlie Manuel with the trade of Jim Thome to a 'contending team' and a team that is 'doing well' as it was described by both the Phillies GM and manager has many different meanings.

The fact that the Phillies have this team that has one of the highest payrolls in the league, should be doing well. For whatever reason, the team hasn't and now management is sounding like it's trying to spin it's own damage control in an effort to deflect blame for the performance and makeup of this whole team.

Yes, the fans are still there through all of this, they haven't given up on this team. They've continued to support the team through thick and thin, and suddenly it seems like it's starting to get thinner as the Phillies are starting to fall through the ice again.

Where does the spotlight go now on this team? Charlie Manuel, and his coaching staff hope that bad light doesn't shine on them. Pitching coach, Rich Dubee, knows what's wrong with his pitchers, but he's not saying, he would rather play the strong and silent type, but is this what he should be doing? Hitting coach Greg Gross should have been given the gate a long time ago already, and now the unthinkable, is Charlie Manuel doing the right thing for this team by trying to cover up for all the players that aren't producing? Just a couple of weeks ago he told us that Chad Qualls was 'coming around' and 'shows improvement', which was ludicris.

Are the coaches selling all of this to GM, Ruben Amaro, who appears on the verge of starting to make some serious trades?

Someone needs to start making the right decisions for this ball club. Nothing is working and so far nearly everything the Phillies have tried to improve upon hasn't worked. We'll see what happens as we chug slowly along towards the All-Star break.

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