Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hamels gets a standing ovation, Phils need wins quick

The Phils may have sent Cole Hamels to the mound for the last time as a Phillies pitcher. There would be no good reason to think that the team could afford another pitching ace for the kind of money that Hamels will be asking for in seasons to come especially after the great year he is having. The fans gave Cole a standing ovation after his performance on the mound yesterday, quite a far cry from the boos he garnered last year on the mound from Phillies fans.

Hamels is going to strike it rich somewhere, but that somewhere won't be Philadelphia. The Phillies can now hold onto him for the rest of the season, which they probably will do, or they can send him to a team and try to make some sort of deal for him. Whatever the outcome, Cole won't be pitching in a Phillies uniform next year for sure.

We have another look soon at Roy Halladay, who will be making his 2nd start after his shoulder injury on Monday. The first start last week, Roy pitched 5 innings in LA vs. the Dodgers. He threw 80 pitches, and the Phillies did go on to win that game, though Roy wasn't the winning pitcher. He'll face the old Phillies fans favorite pitcher, Randy Wolf on Monday night.

The Phillies need to get back into the win column again. The additions of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard haven't yielded the fruit that some fans have expected. Ryan Howard is batting just above the Mendoza line at .207 and Chase Utley hasn't been too much better at .233 on the season so far. These two players are going to have to step it up if the Phillies have even a chance to make any playoffs this year.

It's true that a lot of Phillies tickets were sold at the start of the season, the place was packed yet another game yesterday. A lot of seats are starting to go vacant though, a number of fans noted that it didn't look sold out on a few nights, but those tickets are sold and just not being used. The interesting part of the fan support will be shown next year. This team is going through some sort of metamorphosis and the fans will start to go through their own changes as a result.

The Phillies are still 13 games under .500 and there is no reason to believe that there won't be a big sale going on by the trade deadline with certain players. Maybe not the ones that have made the news as possible trades, but I don't think any player is off the table now, as it seems that this team just doesn't have what it takes.

Zito vs Blanton today, it's going to be interesting to see if the Phillies can try to salvage the series.

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