Saturday, July 14, 2012

Deja Vu for Phillies

 Lee kept this game close, but Phillies couldn't capitalize and bullpen implodes

The second half should have started better. It didn't happen the way most Phillies fans wanted it to start out  though. The Phillies again suffered a convincing loss by a score of 6-2 when the Rockies were able to bang out 12 hits and the Phils added 2 errors for yet more sloppy play.

Once again the bullpen was one cause of the loss last night, as Michael Schwimer coughed up 3 runs in the short time he was on the mound and put this game out of reach for the Phillies.

Bullpen, Ruben, bullpen.

Ironically, the Rockies have about the same season record as the Phillies with about 1/10th of the talent and a much lower payroll.  When a pitcher wins yesterday with a season 5.60 ERA, you know something is going wrong.

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