Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cole Hamels remains with the Phillies, Phils sweep Brewers

Just like that, the Phillies signed Cole Hamels to a massive 6 year extension, and complete a sweep of the Brewers by winning three games in very dramatic style.

What appeared to be an uphill battle to re-sign Cole, is now just a memory. The Phillies and Cole inked a huge 6 year deal worth $144M with an option for 7 years and made Cole just the second highest paid pitcher ever just under what CC Sabathia raked in from the Yankees, with his huge contract from the Yankees that was for 7 years at $161 million.

That is a lot of money. In fact, that contract that Cole signed today was the largest ever in Philly sports history.

The Phillies broadcast crew even mentioned the fact that today was Christmas in July at the ballpark for the afternoon game, and Larry Anderson quipped, "Oh, is that what that Hamels contract was about." Yes, that is a huge present, but certainly a lot of people including myself, never thought it would happen.

The years to come will tell if that was a wise move to sign Cole for an extended contract. The way he is pitching now is certainly reason to believe it was a good move.

Cole talked about wanting to win for the "Phillie Nation" and that the standing ovation by the fans in his last start really hit home to him and that he realized he wanted to be here in Philadelphia to be helping a team that is always 'Fightin'. That's what we like to hear!

So, the Phillies are finally getting a break and starting to win ballgames. The sweep of the Brewers was just what the Phillies needed to push their mantra to 'win more'. The Phillies haven't won too many ballgames in dramatic style in the 'walk-off' fashion that they have won the last couple days.

It seems that this team must make the playoffs to keep the key players on the team to continue what they've started. The Phillies have a lot of money invested in a small number of players. To keep them all would be a tough task if they don't start making run to get into the playoffs.

I think this afternoon, the Phillies have started that run!

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