Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bullpen irrevocably broken, Welcome back Howard

Howard is back, the fans are still there, but Ruben Amaro says we're good for '13,'14,'15? I don't get it..

Ryan Howard is back, and what a night he had last night. His first at bat was a thrillling double out to deep center field in the second inning. Yes, he hit into a double play on his second at bat, but it's nice to have him back. The Phillies have lacked a player that can put up steady offense and do it everyday.

The game was tied late into the game, then the Phillies bullpen struck. Antonio Bastardo wasn't too sharp while he was pitching, in fact he painted himself into a corner with having the bases loaded and Brian McCann coming up to bat. Charlie Manuel should have made a move.

 Bastardo didn't have the confidence in him to get McCann out, and Manuel should have realized that his reliever was in trouble. Manuel does this often, and then the game gets out of reach, as it did when McCann hit a grand slam to put the Braves up 5-0. Hardly any manager would have let Bastardo stay in especially when he had just walked in a run, and looked shaky the whole inning.

I still haven't forgotten Ryan Howard's terrible playoffs batting of last year. He had a .105 batting average in the playoffs in the NLDS before he collapsed on the last swing of the season for the Phillies and tore his achilles.

It's tough to see this Phillies team in such a decline as with what we're seeing on the field every night. Something has got to change, either coaching wise, player wise or a combination of the two. The players aren't getting it done, the management isn't making the right moves, and it all adds up to the Phillies being far back in the standings with no plan in sight to correct this.

The Phillies bullpen is atrocious, and it's been terrible all year. What has GM Ruben Amaro done about it? The answer is not much, as long as people are supporting this team with buying tickets and sitting in the stands watching this, the more won't get done about it. Baseball is a business, and if business starts getting slow, people take notice. So far this hasn't happened to the Phillies. Amaro's claim that this team is built to go into 2013, 2014, and 2015 seeking better results is just plain fallacy, it's a lame attempt to explain away this season, and not a lot of people are buying that. It may sound good, but it's just plain horse manure in the sense of trying to make people forget about what they are currently seeing on the field. He's trying to deflect the attention that he should be getting for not making the correct changes with this ballclub.

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