Monday, July 09, 2012

All Star Break soothes Phillies first half for now

   Maybe Jimmy Rollins said it best after yesterday's loss and sweep by the Braves, the usually talkative shortstop just told the press, "Don't waste your time." OK, maybe we shouldn't, but we're going to anyway, again we're wondering what went wrong with this Phillies team that started the season out with some injuries but is hardly a team that should be in last place and still playing horribly as we settle into the All Star break for 2012.

 Rollins just didn't want to get into a conversation about the Braves series and how bad it looked to the hometown fans that are starting to get disgusted with what they are seeing on the baseball field. This isn't a team that has performed like this before for the Phillies, the payroll doesn't match. This year's team payroll is among the highest in the league, and any previous Phillies team that may have played this poorly by the All Star break was only about 20 percent of what this team is making. You have to go back to 1997 to see a Phillies team that was slightly worse that this year's team at the All Star Break.

Jimmy Rollins did come around after he returned home and spoke to the press, he said the first half and the loss yesterday was 'rough with a capital R'. Read more of what Jimmy had to say with regards to breaking up with team here, in an extended interview with Todd Zolecki on Sunday night.

The numbers aren't good, here is the Phillies record at the unofficial first half:

  • Record:  37-50
  • 13 games under .500
  • Home record: 17-27
  • Hunter Pence has 16 HR and 50 RBI at the All Star Break (a bright spot here)
  • Phillies team pitching ERA is 22nd of 30 teams at 4.23 ERA
  • The Phillies haven't been in first place all season
  • The Phillies start up again on Thursday in Colorado at 8:40 PM local  

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