Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome back Chase Utley

Chase is back!

There was a spirit in the air at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday night, it was the first game of the year for Chase Utley, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the park when Chase took the field for the Phillies tonight.

We've missed the hustle and some things we've taken for granted from Chase, who has been producing for a long time for the Phillies. Not taking anything away from Freddy Galvis, who as a young player, filled in admirably for Chase and even though he's recently been accused and penalized for an alleged infraction of the league's substance policy - which was vehemently denied by Galvis.

Losing Chase Utley now, would have been a severe blow to the Phillies. If Chase never played baseball again, the game would miss one of the more charismatic players who have ever put on a Phillies uniform. Chase doesn't say too much, but when he does, people tend to listen.

One thing that Chase said when he came back was startling. He said to 'all of those that said I'd never be back' type of comment. Who would make such a statement anyway, and did a professional actually tell Utley that? Utley's comment seemed to be aimed at someone, and that someone knows who they are.

While the Phillies didn't win tonight's game against the Pirates, a testament to the brutal Phillies bullpen again, the offense again showed that it has been supercharged. There is a new optimism on this team, a new renewed spirit that maybe this team isn't destined for the basement all year.

Something has to be done about the bullpen, any lead isn't safe with them. Qualls and Savery have left their mark on this team, and the Phillies should leave a mark on them by sending them away. They have done nothing but inflict more pain into this team and they need to be dealt with now, even if the Phillies do make the playoffs, this bullpen would betray them and that is for sure.


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