Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thome Walks-off with Phillies win and new record

Jim Thome

Thome can hit home runs, he can also gets bubbly!   photo: Keith Allison/flickr

This is what we've missed from Jim Thome. With one crack of a bat, the game is won as it was yesterday in the first game of the series with Tampa at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phils had what appeared to be a solid lead going into the 9th inning for Jonathan Papelbon to bring us to victory. That was not to be, as the Rays touched up Ocho Cinco, the mythical alter ego of Papelbon, for 2 runs which lead to a blown save. It was Papelbon's first blown save of the year.

The bottom of the 9th was one to make history for the man who gave the Phillies the victory. Jim Thome hit a home run to end the game for the 13th time in his baseball career. It was also reported that Jonathan Papelbon made Thome an offer of paying him $5,000 if he hit a home run, apparently that is very true as it was reported via ESPN.

Jim Thome was tied with several players for the most walk-off homers ever hit by a player. One of those players was Babe Ruth, and other names are Mantle and Musial, so that kind of gives you an indication of the company that Thome is keeping with regards to certain records.

The new record is now 13 walk-offs, and I always thought this number was a bit higher, but when you consider that even to be able to be in a position to hit a 'walk-off' is great in itself. The odds of just being in a position to be able to hit such a hit has to be great. I wonder if any sports betting sites have any odds of this?

The walk-off home run is one of the best hits in sports. Mike Schmidt had 10 walk-off home runs for the Phillies. I was at one of them or more, Schmidt always had that aura about him, he could come through and deliver that winning hit.

Read more about Thome's walk-off record here at Hardball Times.

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