Monday, June 04, 2012

Phils play not up to par yesterday, roughed up by Zambrano

Zambrano outplayed the Phillies by himself yesterday at Citizens Bank Park

Carlos Zambrano still has a lot of pitching left in him as he showed yesterday. Yes, he still is the butt of many jokes by broadcasters and some fans alike. From the close spot to the field that I was sitting yesterday at the game, I heard comments like, "Why don't you go throw the Gatorade jug, Carlos" and "You're still crazy Zambrano". Yeah he's pitching like he's crazy too, and for good measure he added a long homer run to the mix as well.

The fact was that Zambrano basically went out there and beat the Phillies by himself yesterday by a score of 5-1. He had the tenacity you need to win ballgames. The Phillies on the other hand did not. One Phillie that I watched quite a bit was Jimmy Rollins, he had his head down a lot out on the field like something was bringing him down, maybe it's been the play of the Phillies? Rollins was also lustily booed when he couldn't deliver a hit yesterday, when the Phillies needed one badly. He has been lacking that spark that we used to see from him, it's very visible to a  lot of fans.

Joe Blanton pitched good for about 2 innings yesterday. In the third inning, the Marlins seemed to start to take batting practice on Joe. They were hitting the ball really hard and deep starting about that time. Blanton has no rhythm on the mound, he gets the ball and he wants to throw it, almost like he doesn't want to batter to wait, but the way he is pitching isn't too good. Charlie Manuel takes him out too late consistently, as if he just doesn't care and he needs Blanton to stand in there no matter what, by the time he is taken out most times, the game is basically out of reach for the Phillies.

The Phillies played like a last place team yesterday, and couldn't do many things right. They were out hustled, and out played. Yes, there was a few replacements for replacements playing, but the overall mood of this team didn't look good. When there were runners on base, which there were a few, the Phillies just couldn't get a hit. Hunter Pence was coming out of his spikes on balls, but couldn't get a hit.

Now, the first place NL West LA Dodgers come into town for 4 games. The Phillies could be in a whole lot of trouble if they continue to play like they did yesterday. June is here, and this is basically the make it or break it point of the season for the Phils.

Notes from Sunday's Game:

 Galvis, Rollins, Pence combined yesterday: 0-12

Blanton's line:  6.0 IP, 9 H, 5R, now has 5.27 ERA

Juan Pierre:  3-4 with 1 RBI, the lone run of the game by the Phillies

Attendance: 45,356 - the fans haven't abandoned this team yet

Oh yeah, Chase Utley is on his way to Clearwater to join Ryan Howard

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  1. Looks like they could've used a little toughening up. A few sessions with our old college coach would probably have done the trick. He had the best best pre workouts, actual routines, and after workout practices I've ever seen.