Thursday, June 21, 2012

Phils keep fans happy with wins

 Manuel says the Phillies need more of this.... winning!

The home stand that the Phillies are on could have been one where the fans unleash some anger at what they've seen on the field for much of the month of June.

To keep that from happening, the Phillies have turned those possible boos into cheers by winning some baseball games.

Last night, it seemed like the Phils lucky streak was about to end, but a bottom of the 9th rally with some key hits and scoring 2 runs put the Phils in the win column again.

Granted, the Rockies aren't a good baseball team. This Rockies team has shown a few lapses and missteps almost like the Phillies have been playing in the past couple of weeks.

The rally gave this team a little room to celebrate their victory, they got happy with the win. The win improves the Phillies record to 33-37. Jonathan Papelbon ended up with a win, instead of a loss. The win came from a Todd Helton error at first base, and it was only the second walk-off win of the season for the Phillies - so this was rare last night.

Vance Worley pitches tonight in Philly, as it's going to be a high of 99 degrees outside today in the Philadelphia area. It's going to be a barn burner out there tonight, and the Phillies seem like they got a little fire under them already.

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