Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Phils edged twice so far in Dodgers series

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The Phillies have been edged late in the game twice by the Los Angeles Dodgers so far in this 4 game series. A loss is a loss though, and the Phils have slipped to a game under .500 and now a full 5 games back in the NL East. This series isn't a make or break series for the Phillies, but it comes at a pivotal time in the season now just about 6 weeks away from the All-Star Game. This series is more a measuring stick of how the Phillies match up with a first place team like the Dodgers, and it isn't going too well so far.

Cliff Lee is going through what Cole Hamels did for a couple seasons, the Phillies just don't score too much when Lee is on the mound. Most of the games are real close or tied, then the Phillies don't score or score after Lee is out of the game to go on and win. Lee had 12 strikeouts in the game last night, which ended up being the 5th start in which the Phillies scored 2 or less runs for him in his 9 total starts this season.

As voting continues to the All-Star game, some Phillies are still in the race. Carlos Ruiz, Hunter Pence, and Shane Victorino are among the Phils that are battling for a spot.

Not too many bright spots to speak about, the Phillies need to salvage this series and continue at .500 or face sinking out of sight as this is the time when the elevator can go all the way down to the basement, and there will be now way out. The more the teams above the Phillies win, the more they have to win, or else it will be a very disappointing season for the Phils and their fans.
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