Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phillies on slide again, trade Thome to Baltimore

June 30 - 6

                Sometimes baseball takes a backseat   pic: Saudumm/flickr

Ruben Amaro Jr. is starting to make moves that don't make sense. He brings in a fan favorite in Jim Thome for what is somewhat of a bargain price, and now he deals him to Baltimore for what is next to nothing. These kind of moves leave you scratching your head and wondering why? During the press conference, Amaro kept saying he wanted to do right by Thome by trading him to a team that suited him. Suited him? How about the needs of the Phillies bench? Why did Amaro even bring him here, as a publicity stunt? Thome was one of the bright spots on the Phillies bench, and he proved he still had a lot left in him. Now he is gone.

Meanwhile the Phillies are mired in another losing streak, this one has reached 4 games now. You have to wonder why this happened too? Are the lineups being juggled too much? Has this team just resolved itself to below mediocrity? Whatever the reason, the Phillies are broken and nothing has fixed them.

The bullpen is close to double A baseball team status, the team did release Chad Qualls, and that is a good thing, this pitcher brought a lot of misery to this team and didn't have much positive vibes or good stats as we head toward the All-Star Game.

Baseball has taken a back seat for me and my family as we were affected by the vicious storms that have hit South Jersey last night, it will be days before our daily routine becomes routine again. When you go through something like a bad storm you realize how important the little things are in life, and the most important part of it being your family and friends, and their safety and survival in times like that. The Phillies, even if they finish in last place this year won't be the end of the world and there will still be more seasons.

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  1. Hopefully Amaro is taking the first steps towards rebuilding this team. They are wa-a-a-a-a-y past their prime, and going nowhere.