Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phillie Phanatic, a mascot gone haywire?

Phillies World Series Pep Rally: Franklin Square

  The Phanatic should be grabbing anyone, but that doesn't stop him         pic Vincent J Brown/flickr

Can the lovable Phillie Phanatic be a mascot who's time has come and gone? That lovable kid's style mascot that we've all laughed at Phillies games over the years is actually a renegade with a dual personality. The Phanatic is supposed to make people happy by associating himself with Phillies baseball and getting a laugh or two along the way. What happens sometimes though, is the Phanatic getting out of control by barging his way through the seated crowd at an already cramped seating area at Citizens Bank Park, spilling drinks, uprooting food and generally causing chaos at times, to even worse offenses that have the Phanatic going to special events outside of the baseball stadium and injuring people at those events.

The latest story about the Phanatic's rude follies has him in Avalon, NJ in 2010. He's supposed to be like a 'Ronald McDonald' type of character - just waving to the crowd and making nice with people at a party. The Phanatic somehow displayed his 'Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' side again as he picked up a sun chair that had a 30 year old lady on it and promptly threw them into a swimming pool, chair and all. Yeah, that's really nice to do to someone, and the result of that was that the women has injuries now that are permanent from that stunt.

The Phillies organization has known about these problems that the Phanatic has been causing for some time now. In fact, the Phillie Phanatic is the most sued mascot in sports. All joking aside, that really isn't funny when it comes to this mascot representing a baseball team. The Phanatic is even crude and borderline obscene with the way he acts at times in the stadium in an attempt to get laughs.

Why do the Phillies continue to support this type of behavior? Even a poll of best team mascots had the Phanatic losing to 'Mr. Met' this year, a more docile type of mascot who doesn't manhandle people.

What's more is that this most recent lawsuit is a case that is getting coverage on the news from Maine to Hawaii, Europe, and  everywhere in between. Talk about bad publicity. The Phanatic is a mascot who's original intention of making people happy has turned ugly in recent years. There are countless stories of this very heavy costumed guy climbing on top of old people in the stands and breaking bones to the Phanatic shaking people that have no business getting moved around by force, like he does when he is trying to be funny.

Phillies lose first game in Minnesota

Kyle Kendrick did not have his best stuff in Minnesota last night. KK gave up 8 H and 6 R in his 4 innings on the mound. The Twins banged out 17 hits on the Phils. Joe Savery was touched up for 5 H and 3 R in his 2 innings of relief. 

Jimmy Rollins was hot, going 4-5 on the night. Hunter Pence was cold, going 0-4, as was Ty Wigginton who went 0-5. Phillies lose the first game by a score of 11-7.

The Phils will try it again tonight with Cole Hamels on the mound at 8:05 PM.


  1. When the Phanatic turns docile I'm becoming a Mets fan. Also, from reading the woman's claims, it sounds completely bogus. I can see her bumping her head, but she claims her TOES hurt???

  2. There's been a lot of bones broken by the Phanatic over the years.. this has been documented.

    Imagine if you worked for a company and arbitrarily just picked up someone and threw them into a pool with chair and all? I would venture to say you'd be not only fired from your job, but arrested and put up on charges for doing that out of the blue to someone and possibly sued for it.

    I am convinced the Phanatic has a real twisted side to him, one of pain and suffering he inflicts on certain people. It's all been documented over the years with all of the lawsuits. That has nothing to do with fun and baseball.