Sunday, June 24, 2012

Manuel shows frustration with double loss to Rays on Sunday

Charlie Manuel lost his cool temper yesterday, after the Phillies lost game 1 of a 2 game set that was played on Sunday afternoon, and then evening at CBP.

Manuel was asked whether or not he chose the right player at the right time when it seemed that after, perhaps he didn't. He suggested the press come down into the clubhouse for a 'quiz' on how to run a game. Yes, a quiz, about how Charlie runs his game. We know that Manuel loves to go, by the 'book' and not deviate too far from this 'book' all season.

When things are going well, a lot of accolades are heaped onto a baseball manager, but when they don't, a lot of negative comments come forward. Is Manuel's running of the Phillies 'by the book' actually hurting them?

Maybe, yes, and maybe no. The Phillies lineup is one that is hardly ever the same. There are players in and out, and shuffled around so much that this team doesn't seem like the same 'team' for 3 nights in a row. That is because the lineup is being changed so often, this group can't adjust.

Can Manuel do better? Yes, he isn't perfect and sometimes leaves pitcher's in too long, and doesn't always pick the right pinch hitter, but these wrongs aren't all that is wrong with this group of players.

It was said on the post game show locally, by Ben Davis, CSN sports analyst, that the Phillies bullpen is comprised of Double 'A' type of guys and that the Phillies better 'do something' about it. Meanwhile, we've heard nothing from GM Ruben Amaro, who has assembled this rag tag group of relievers that have now proved themselves to be unworthy.

Can Amaro do anything to get the team going again? Will Cliff Lee ever get a win in a Phillies uniform this season? Chase Utley is working out with the team again, and may soon join them. Will Chase be an answer for the Phillies miserable performances or will he add to them? Stay tuned, this season is getting uglier faster that you can say, 'Outta here.' And if things don't turn around soon, this team will be finding itself on a slow ride to oblivion just like some of the Phillies teams in the mid-80's - what you don't remember them?

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