Thursday, June 07, 2012

How bad will it get for the Phils

The news hasn't been too encouraging, in fact it's been downright bad. The losing streak that the Phillies are in is happening at a bad time. There never is a good time for a losing streak, but with only a 5 week stretch till the All-Star Game, the Phillies could find themselves in break up mode really soon. If the team continues to lose and has no hopes for playoff aspirations, there could be a huge fire sale of really talented Phillies, but the team may jettison if things don't turn around.

Bad teams generally don't carry 3 pitching aces, and the way the Phillies have been playing lately, one or more of those aces could be all too happy to pack up and move on. Such a move was threatened last year by Ruben Amaro, it never came to fruition then, but now may be a different story.

This losing streak of 6 games in a row, takes the Phillies out on the road and straight into interleague play. Who do the Phillies play first? None other than the hottest team in the AL, the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles just had a tough past 10 games themselves, going 3-7 in that stretch. They are currently in a tie for first place with the NY Yankees, who have reeled off winning 3 in a row and going 7-3 in their last 10 games.

The Phillies chance of making the playoffs as it stands now is only 15 percent, according to standings that are kept by ESPN. That could be a signal to what will happen next to this team. I don't think Amaro wants to go into the second half with this team the way it stands. That being said, adding a aged veteran like the Boston player, Kevin Youkilis doesn't make sense. What could the Phillies do with another aging veteran that may or may not get the job done?

Getting swept by the Dodgers was an embarrassment to the Phillies players, right in front of the hometown fans.  The fans today booed the Phillies loudly in disgust of what they were seeing. John Mayberry has been given his chance at playing professional baseball, he hasn't been that good. His play usually hurts the Phillies, it's unfortunate but true.

The fans still want that winning feeling from the Phillies. I remember many times when the Vet couldn't get more than 25,000 fans into the stadium and that is exactly what will start happening soon, if this team doesn't turn it around soon.

Chad Qualls has been dreadful in the bullpen, he's a guy that doesn't pitch too much, but when he does he gives up a lot. In 21.2 innings, Qualls has given up 24 hits, and 11 runs. This kind of play is killing the Phillies. I am not even going to start talking about the offense in this post, I would need a lot of space to write for that post, but stay tuned.

Phils vs. the revamped Baltimore Orioles for the weekend.  

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