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Hamels win streak stops at 8, Phils look to take series with Marlins today

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Cole Hamels was on a serious roll. He's been pitching very well lately, and the Phillies offense has churned while he is on the mound this year. That is a different situation than it's been for Cole, in previous years he went through what Cliff Lee is now going through, the Phillies aren't scoring many runs for Lee.

Yesterday, Cole still pitched well, but it wasn't enough for a victory as the Phillies fell to the Marlins 5-4. It's a contract year for Cole, and with his success his asking price has apparently skyrocketed. That's great for Cole Hamels, but it doesn't appear that the Phillies will be the ones that come up with the money to keep Hamels.

We may see Cole Hamels in a different uniform by the time the July 31st trade deadline comes around. If the Philllies are going to improve, and there is no chance of us signing Cole, he should be moved before and the Phillies should be able to get a marquee player for him. The prospect of getting a higher ranked draft pick as compensation for Cole if he should stay with the Phillies the whole season and still end up leaving the team, isn't the way to go, as those draft picks take years to develop and even then don't always pan out.

Cole's been a lifetime Phillie, and he's a great fit on this team, but his market value has risen to a point that I don't think the Phillies want to entertain re-signing him. Hamels would certainly be looking at a 5-6 year deal with numbers that are approaching the $125 million and up range. He's having a great year this year so far, but overall he hasn't show that 20 wins or more season, and consistent high win/loss percentage winning years.

Here's Coles pitching stats:

2006 22 PHI 9 8 .529 4.08 23 0 0 132.1
2007 23 PHI 15 5 .750 3.39 28 2 0 183.1
2008 24 PHI 14 10 .583 3.09 33 2 2 227.1
2009 25 PHI 10 11 .476 4.32 32 2 2 193.2
2010 26 PHI 12 11 .522 3.06 33 1 0 208.2
2011 27 PHI 14 9 .609 2.79 31 3 0 216.0
2012 28 PHI 8 2 .800 2.81 11 0 0 77.0
7 Yrs 82 56 .594 3.36 191 10 4 1238.1
162 Game Avg. 15 10 .594 3.36 34 2 1 220
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The numbers above certain don't look like a $20 million dollar per year pitcher, and just to go on the great start that Cole got off to this year, isn't a good way to access his whole career at this point. If he had 20 + wins or more at least once in his 7 year career so far, then a better case could be made for him to get such a big contract for a multi-year deal.

Hamels Foundation donated $300,000 for new playground in past week

Hamels is a good fit in the Philadelphia community, his charity foundation just donated $300,000 for a brand new playground for kids in a Philadelphia school that needed it. This is just one of many good deeds that Hamels and his foundation have bestowed on the Philadelphia region in the past couple of years, so it would be a shame if Cole took his good deeds and moved away with them.

Blanton looks to improve this afternoon vs Marlins

This series with the Marlins almost felt like playoff baseball to me when I watched the game yesterday. The atmosphere just was kind of more charged than it normally is, and fans were really into every pitch of this game. The series comes to an end this afternoon with Joe Blanton on the mound. Blanton looks to improve upon a couple of rough outings for him.
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