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Ruiz owns Phillies catcher RBI in a game record but is the most underpaid star on the team

Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's a record that has stood for a long time. Who has hit the most RBI's in a game as a catcher for the Phillies? That answer is now Carlos Ruiz with 7, as the previous record in this category was 6 RBI in a game done by several different Phillies catchers.

The Phillies game which Ruiz was in to set this record was a wild one. The Phils and Braves battled to a 13-13 time in the 9th and the game went to extra innings to end in the Phillies loss on May 2nd 2012.

Darren Daulton - Philadelphia - 1991 Road
Darren Daulton - Philadelphia - 1991 Road (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

Philadelphia Phillies catcher Stan Lopata in 1949.
Philadelphia Phillies catcher Stan Lopata in 1949. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Darren Daulton still holds the Phillies record for the catcher that hit the most RBI in a season. Daulton had 27 HR and 109 RBI in 1992, to lead anyone else who has ever held the Phillies catcher's job. Dutch also holds second place which saw him with 24 HR and 105 RBI in 1993. Stan Lopata holds the Phillies catcher home run record at 32 which was set in 1956.

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