Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phils losing testing fan strength of faith in team

Phillies team logo starting in 1976, with &quo...
Phillies team logo starting in 1976, with "Philadelphia Phil and Phillis" as the team mascots. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was listening to a local sports radio program on the Philadelphia sports scene yesterday afternoon. A long time fan of the Phillies and sports jock announced that 'he was done.' No, he wasn't retiring, he announced he was done being optimistic about this year's Phillies team.

That is what fan's are saying more and more, as the Phillies have been losing with more regularity than we've seen them lose for many years now.

Things looked brighter for the Phillies when they were reeling off 6 wins in a row. Now, the team has dropped 4 in a row since Saturday. If nothing else, this season is going to test your faith as a fan in this team. Being a great fan of a team means you stick by them no matter what. If you're just aboard for the good times, then this is when you start think about getting off the bandwagon.

Here is a snap shot of numbers produced so far by the Phillies:

Lets take a look at the most strikeouts pitched in a game this season, no there are no Phillies on this chart, but we can see who is doing the best in this around the league:
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