Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Phils look to win series tonight with Mets

Cliff Lee needs a good nickname, like "The General" perhaps?
He looks for a much needed win for himself and the Phillies tonight

The Phillies have had a great week, not so much with the news that Roy Halladay is going to be out with a shoulder strain (read Zolecki here), but they took 3 or 4 from the St. Louis Cardinals and won the confidence of some back that the Phillies season isn't over.

The Memorial Day game of 2012 was a thrilling game to watch, Ty Wigginton had a career day with 6 RBI, and it just happened to be against an old team of his. Wiggy played 288 games with the Mets, from 2002-2004 (didn't seem that long ago to me), Ty was in a groove and this game (boxscore) will not be forgotten any too soon.

The other thing we can be thankful for is that Cole Hamels is having a great year. Cy Young is a bit premature to say, but with the kind of year that Cole is having so far, we may start hearing that comparison down the road in this 2012 season. After a few seasons of having run production issues, it is great to see Cole have a nice year again. His run support so far is astonishing. In 5 of Cole's 8 wins, the Phillies have scored 6 or more runs for him.The other 3 wins for Cole, the Phillies have scored 3-5 runs. It's not to long ago that the Phillies weren't hardly scoring any runs for Cole's starts.

It would be great to see Cliff Lee get his first win of the season tonight against the Mets. Lee hasn't won a game for the Phillies since September 26, 2011 in Atlanta. Since that September win game, Lee has had 5 no decisions, and 2 losses. It's easy to see that he is overdue for a win tonight. It seems that Cliff Lee has assumed Cole's old tough spot in the rotation when it comes to run scored by the offense. So far this season, the Phillies offense has 4 of Lee's 7 starts in which they have scored 0-2 runs per game. Lee's ERA is 3.00, with a combined 24 strikeouts and allowing 10 runs in all 4 of those games, so you can see it's more of a problem with the Phillies offense when he is on the mound.

The Mets have a 2012 batting average of .217 against Cliff Lee this season, in the two starts that Lee already has against them, not including tonight. Lee also has a combined 13 strikeouts over those two starts. One of the starts on 4/13 ended in a loss and the other on 5/9 ended in a no decision for Lee, but the Phillies lost that game by a score of 10-6.

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