Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Phils again look to salvage series

The Mets are the latest team to make the Phils look bad

The Phillies have been dropping more games than we care to hear about. They've come home to lose the first two games with the Mets, and the prospect of the future is growing dimmer with every game they are playing all of a sudden.

It's almost six weeks in though, and the Phillies are still almost a .500 ballclub. The injuries that the Philies have had prior to the season are serious enough to have caused this rough start to 2012 for them.

Is this current team as it is now a playoff contender? Absolutely not, these players have been together now as a group for almost a month and a half. For whatever reason they are not gelling, or playing together very well. That means veterans and guys who are filling in as well. We can't blame this lackluster start of the season on the guys who are filing in, though they really haven't taken advantage of all the extra playing time they are getting either.

Another series in which the Phillies look to salvage, and avoid getting swept. I don't know about you, but I miss the way it used to be with this team.

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