Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in New York vs. the Mets

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008
Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

I doubt the Phillies got the best rest last night. After their afternoon game on Sunday in St. Louis, the team packed up and headed east to New York for a 1:10 PM Memorial day game this afternoon at Citi Field.

It's Memorial Day 2012, a day to remember the veterans that served our country and help keep us free.

The Phillies are currently one game above .500 and just 5 GB from the first place Washington Nationals. The New York Mets are rejuvenated and only 2.5 GB from first place, and currently sitting in second place. The NL East is bunched up, and no one is really pulling away from the field with a big lead in this division.

Maybe it's time to play Mike Fontenot a little more. He's been one of the Phillies hottest hitters since he's come to the team. He's been in 10 games and has 8 hits for a .444 BA so far. He is making the most of his play time with the Phillies.

Shane Victorino, Placido Polanco, Carlos Ruiz, and Juan Pierre (along with Fontenot) have have the best success overall in the past week with their offensive production. These players are starting to get hot, and the Phillies offense is starting to churn a little more despite yesterday's loss to the Cardinals.

Phillies on a big slide would include: Jimmy Rollins currently at .225 BA, in his last 7 games, Rollins is batting .190. John Mayberry is also on the 'slide list', currently at .231 BA, in his last 7 games, Mayberry is batting .083. The Mayberry experience is not going well, he's got no power with only 1 HR in 48 games now, and he's had plenty of time to prove it. Mayberry looks like he can hit the ball out of the park, but just can't get the job done.

This is the start of an important time in baseball, it's about 6 weeks to the All Star Game. Hovering around that is the trade deadline that takes place on July 31st, only about 8 weeks away. We're gonna see what shape this team is in towards the deadline, will the Phillies actually deal Cole Hamels away? Or will they make him an offer he cannot refuse now that Halladay is injured? Is there someone else, GM Ruben Amaro has on his 'ship out' list? Yes, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting for the Phillies.

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