Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lee boils over at Victorino with fielding blunders

  Phillies postgame reporter from CSN, Ricky Botallico, breaks down the argument with Lee and Vic

What went on in the dugout is part of a baseball season. Cliff Lee needed to get a win for the Phillies last night, and a win for himself, as he hasn't won a game yet in 2012. When Shane Victorino lost sight of a baseball last night, then watched it roll away from him was all Lee needed to see to make him a little upset.

English: Shane Victorino
English: Shane Victorino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Fast forward to the dugout when the inning was over. Lee seemed like he asked a question to Victorino, but Shane had nothing apologetic to offer Lee, he just seemed like he didn't even have a problem out there and offered no reason. Certainly there was no reason for him not to chase the ball after it hit off the wall in center.

Later in the game, Hunter Pence and Victorino had a problem in the field seeing the ball. Oddly enough, though no one else did all night.

What did happen in this game though is that the Phillies had a lot of heart in this game. They didn't lie down and play dead, made a couple of good plays and got a little mad along the way. Nothing wrong with that, these players should be more mad at themselves for being in last place, and if a little motivation from Lee was needed last night, so be it.

See the plays here that started the Lee / Victorino squabble:

Victorino and Lee argue a little in the dugout over this in the video of the plays

Game 3 of this important series continues tonight with Kyle Kendrick on the mound for the Phillies. They crossed the .500 barrier again, and continue to play better. 
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