Friday, May 18, 2012

Johnny comes marching home

Charlie is off the field tonight for the Phillies, but enjoyed the game immensely 

It's the matchup of the year for some Red Sox and Phillies fans, it's the Papelbon moment we've all been waiting for. Maybe $50 million wasn't too much to pay our closer. Jonathan Papelbon had a little extra cushion to rest on upon coming in to finish out the Red Sox and slam the door on the 6th game in a row that the Phillies have won.

Cole Hamels has rolled to his 6th win of the season and now is writing his own ticket to a possible early Cy Young mention though it's too early to even whisper, it's looking pretty good for him so far.

The fun continues on Saturday night at 7:15pm, when the over .500 Phillies baseball team again takes on the Red Sox.

Charlie Manuel was in the stands tonight, watching it all. He even had some giggles when Bobby V, Red Sox manager, went after the first base umpire while arguing a safe or out call at first very late in the game. It's a brief suspension for Manuel, just getting the night off for bad behavior.

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