Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Instant Classic with Phillies vs Atlanta ends in Phils loss

13-13 after 10 innings makes for some wild stories in a game, and this one had them all

I watched the first 5 innings of this game while munching on Chickie and Pete’s crab fries and enjoying a nice chicken Caesar salad, oh yes, the Phillies where on most of the tv’s and were enjoying a 6-0 lead when we left to go home for the night.

Roy Halladay
Roy Halladay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fast forward about 20 minutes and I am talking on the phone to a friend, who says, how about those Phils with Halladay giving up 6? What?, could it be, no way. I switch the game back on, I see Roy Halladay about as red in the face as he's been since that game he suffered heat exhaustion in down in Florida. The score is tied 6-6 and Charlie Manuel made his way to the mound to take Doc out of his misery after such an easy time with the Braves through the first 4 innings.

Then this game became a heavyweight fight, the Phillies slugged their way back into this game with a Carlos Ruiz 'no doubt' home run in which he flipped his bat like he just didn't care anything about the Braves or their trademark 'chop' that they love to chant from the stands. It started to look like a Phillies win again, they went up by a score of 9-8. There would be more, Chooch again, with a double into the corner, put a nail in them it was 12-8 and it really looked like the Phils would coast to victory.

Who would know that it just wasn't meant to be, not on this night. The Phillies would end up losers of this fight, and sink by a score of 15-13 with 36 hits and 1 error.  What could have been so good, has turned so bad. There is a bright side to this though, the Phillies showed a lot of heart, and stamina in them. We didn't see much of this from them in April and it was great to see tonight.

The Phillies had beaten the Braves an incredible 8 times in a row, fate would have it that there wouldn't be the 9th win in a row tonight.

Carlos Ruiz  3-5 with 7 RBI
Laynce Nix 2-3 with 3 RBI
Shane Victorino 3-6 with 2 RBI

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