Saturday, May 12, 2012

Halladay looks to return to winning form

Roy Halladay
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Roy Halladay makes his 8th start of the season on Saturday night for the Phillies. Roy burst into the 2012 season with 3 wins in a row to start off his first 3 games, and now hasn't won since April 16th in San Francisco. His last 2 games ended in no decision for him, but the Phillies ended up losing both of those games, and the 2 games beyond those were both losses for Halladay.

On May 2nd, Halladay blew a 6 run lead that led many to believe that maybe something was wrong with him. That game in Atlanta though was about 85 degrees and humid, and if just looked as if Roy had overworked himself and needed to be taken out long before he gave up 6 runs. Part of a coach's job is to spot when a player in in trouble, and Halladay on that night had all of the signs. His face got red as a beet, and of course it was very much unlike him to give up all of those runs. Why wasn't he taken out before his total collapse? Pitching coach Rich Dubee cited the fact that Roy is a 'different animal' and can bounce back from this type of adversity after the game, but maybe it lies more in the fact that the Phillies don't recognize or want to react when something goes wrong like it did with this game. Halladay looked as if he was going collapse out there on the mound, but they left him in anyway.

Roy Halladay then left the Phillies team briefly the next day, he cited personal reasons. There was also a report that was issued that said that this was planned well before the start in Atlanta anyway. Should Halladay and team have divulged a reason? Probably, it's not everyday your star pitcher just wonders home during the middle of a baseball season. We would have all felt much better if the reason was to attend a family birthday party or something, but none was given so the air of mystery surrounds this personal leave and what happened to Halladay the day before he took it.

Pence scores on a Ruiz RBI, his third of the night

Last night the Phillies earned a much needed win, it came with bat of Carlos Ruiz, he had 3 RBI on the night and went 3-3 as the Phillies cruised to a 7-3 victory. It was the win that the Phillies needed, but the Phillies are playing the worst team in the National League, the San Diego Padres. Only the Minnesota Twins have a worse record than the Padres.

John Mayberry hit his first home run of the year. Vance Worley won his 3rd game of the season.

Charlie Manuel talks about how his team performed in the game last night in the post-game press conference and thinks the Phillies have earned the win and will build from it:

In Phillies moves:

Scott Podsednik has been sent to the Red Sox for cash from the Phillies minors, I really would have liked to see Podsednik get some playing time for the Phillies, he couldn't have been much worse offensively that what we've seen recently.
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