Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally, we sweep

It took long enough, but we finally swept for the first time this year. It was a two game series, mind you, but a sweep is a sweep. The sweep came courtesy of a afternoon businessperson's special win on Tuesday with Hunter Pence going deep for a walk-off win. Admit it, we were overdue for both a sweep and a walk-off win so we doubled up on the good things on Tuesday.

Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, now the Phillies are already in Chicago for the start of yet another two-game series this one out at Wrigley Field, and we hope that the good things keep coming for this Phillies team, that needs to right the ship a whole lot more.

These two game series are rare, but just after we take the quick trip to Chicago, the Phil's will be right back at home in Philadelphia to take on the Boston Red Sox, for a weekend series that always is popular with both Phillies and Red Sox fans.

In fact, both the Phillies and Red Sox are playing about the same, which really isn't too good, so that should put both teams on a somewhat even playing field coming into the weekend series.

Boston has it's problems, a new manager and a big payroll, and plenty of problems. Perhaps the Phillies can capitalize on this for the weekend series, and game some much needed wins.

For now though, our sites are set on the Cubbies, who are just coming off of a tough 7-6 loss to the Cardinals.
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