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Analyzing the Philllies - what can be done

Roy Halladay
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10 strikeouts still spell loss for Halladay last night

The first six weeks have been tough to watch for Phillies fans, especially the younger fans of the last few years. The Phillies team had played like champions for the most part in the time period from 2007 until the start of this season.

That championship caliber play is but a memory now, and the Phils really left a lot on the table last night stranding 19 runners and only capable of scoring 1 run against a team that really is the worst team record wise in the National League.

The Phillies aren't out of it yet, but their play on the field is often uninspiring and just plain flat. Through the first six weeks of this season, two players have only 1 RBI on average per week, Jimmy Rollins has only 5 RBI on the season and Placido Polanco has only 6 RBI on the season. Both of these players are batting like bench players. You can't blame all of this on the bench players; Pete Orr, Ty Wigginton, or Juan Pierre. These players were brought on the team with the mentality that they would add to this team when needed, not carry the team like the well paid veterans that have played everyday for years.

It just seems like the veteran players don't want to step up and take a leadership role with this ball club. They prefer to just linger back and have a 'punch the clock' mentality. You can see it with them not appearing overly frustrated with themselves when they don't do well. It's just like 'oh well, what can I do' type of attitude.

Ty Wigginton left 9 runners stranded last night by himself, he was up twice with the bases loaded and he just couldn't get a hit. It's times like these that are the most frustrating, bases loaded and you just need a hit, and nothing happens. The Phillies signed Ty to the biggest contract of his career for one year at $4M with another possible $4M next year at the team's option. If he continues to play like this, I don't think he'll be back next year.

Another problem the Phillies have had so far this year, is that they can't string a decent winning streak together for too long. If they have a good game one night, it doesn't last long. The next game is always unpredictable, almost like "what will we see tonight from them."

Despite a Phillies pitcher having a 10 strikeout performance, like Roy Halladay did last night, the Phils can't back that up. The Phillies offense is just dropping dead and not supporting anything. How many times have we seen this Phillies team have 10 strikeouts or more and lose?

There have been rumors of a few big trades being circulated for this team, most notably Cole Hamels and someone else. That other player was said to be Shane Victorino according to ESPN's Buster Olney. Ruben Amaro probably wants to make a deal to try to improve this ballclub, what team would want Hamels on a half season rental?

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there, hopefully the Phillies will deliver a win to you out there today at the ballpark.
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