Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tonight, it's Country

Joe 'Country' Blanton seems to have improved so far this year

Joe Blanton has been a Phillies pitcher since the Phillies acquired him on July 17, 2008. He's been a durable part of the Phillies rotation over the years, and this year seems like it just may be Joe's year again. This is the last year of his contract with the Phillies, and doing great in this year can help his chances of signing again for a couple more years.

 Blanton will never be confused with an ace of the pitching staff with any club, but he goes out there and gives a team innings and that's what makes him so valuable to a team, especially the Phillies. Joe is a pitcher with a lifetime record of 73-63 and even though that may not be the best among his peers, it still hasn't stopped him from earning $8.5 million this season, and last year from collecting a cool $10.5 million from the Phillies.

 So tonight, it's a little bit country down in South Philly to end this series with the Marlins and then we welcome in the NY Mets to town for the weekend, which is supposed to be awesome weather wise.

How the Phils match up with some stats vs. the Marlins so far in 2012:

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