Sunday, April 08, 2012

Phillies trying to get that offense going

Easter Eggs

I was going to start off this post with a rant, but it’s far too early in the season for this type of fodder. Instead, I’ll start to point out that the team on the field at the start of the season is the Phillies – but these players aren’t the ‘A’ team that the Phillies rely on to bring them to victory.

It’s early in the season, with this afternoon only being the 3rd game of the 2012 trek, it’s time to realize that the Phillies will get better over time.

Yes, if they have a 7-16 record at the end of April, fans will be doing flips like they have been in a jelly bean overdose from Easter Sunday like it is today. Keep in mind though, in 2008, the Phillies were 15-12 for the month to start off their run for the championship.

Vance Worley will get the ball for the Phillies today in the final game of the first series with Pittsburgh, then the Phillies come home to CBP for the home opener on Monday at 1:05 PM.

You can’t say it enough, even with playing ‘small ball’ you still must get some hits out there.

Have a Happy Easter today, enjoy the game and thanks for reading the blog here and listening to the podcast we do called "Phillies Talk".

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