Sunday, April 01, 2012

Phillies go from Disney to Downtown Philly after today

My how fast the Spring Training season flew by, didn't it?

Here is how the Phillies stand with only one more game remaining in the Grapefruit League:

12-16  .429

The Phillies embarked on the 2012 Spring Training season roughly six weeks ago, and we've learned a lot about this team already, as they have got into playing shape and now are ready for the 162 game schedule that awaits them.

What stands in the Phillies way at the moment is injuries. Several key players are injured as the team starts it way north after today's game with Atlanta at their Disney stadium.

Starting pitching hasn't been touched by the injury bug, which is a great thing. The Phillies starting rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Lee, Worley, and either Blanton or Kendrick are fine. It's the offense that has a lot of preseason speculators nervous.

The Phillies fly north after the game today for two more exhibition games at Citizens Bank Park (these games still count in the Grapefruit League standings):

Monday vs. Pittsburgh @ 7:05 PM
Tuesday vs. Pittsburgh @ 7:05 PM

Temps have been very cold in the Philly area in the last couple of days. Game time temps will probably start out at around 50 degrees and start to fall to the mid-40's during the game, so bring some warm clothes if you're going to the game.

Spring Training notes:

Standout team to watch in regular season?  Toronto Blue Jays record 23-5 through Saturday

Oakland A's have a great Spring at 14-5 through Saturday

Dismal 1 and Dismal 2 records in Spring:  NY Mets  7-18  and Cleveland Indians 6-21  both through Saturday

The Marlins open their new park for exhibition against the Yankees today at 1:05 PM

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