Sunday, April 22, 2012

Phillies battle for .500 in NL East

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To say the season has gone well so far for the Phillies would be a lie. What began as concern in the preseason with the injuries to Chase Utley and Ryan Howard has now turned to real concern as it has been learned that Cliff Lee is probably going on a stint on the DL for a strained oblique muscle.

The Phillies looked to extend their record unbeaten streak in an opponents ballpark in San Diego on Saturday night, the record stood at 13 games straight. Roy Halladay taking in the mound for the Phillies has been as good for them as money in the bank, but yesterday evening in San Diego, the bank was suddenly closed and the Phillies ended up losers of yet another baseball game this year by a score of 5-1.

If the Phillies end the month of April at .500 though, we have to step back and see how bad that really would be? Of course every fan of the team would love to see them win all of the time, but that just doesn't happen when you've got some of your best player's injured. Will the current team be successful? That remains to be seen as sometimes it looks as if the offense has found a groove, and then the next game that groove is gone.

The Phils wrap up in San Diego this afternoon, the weather has got to be better there than it is in the Philadelphia region, as a cool, rainy, Nor'easter has been working its way into the area from early this morning. It's Joe Blanton looking to even up his 1-2 record at 4:05 PM local time.

Some Phillies numbers as of 4/22/2012:

And the San Diego Padres so far:

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